Invitation : A Special Mass for the Philippines & A Call for Help

St Ignatius Church

St Ignatius Church

Date: 12 November, 2013 0:11:26 GMT+08:00

Subject: Invitation : A Special Mass for the Philippines & A Call for Help

Dear Friends,

We all know Filipinos. They are our friends and colleagues. They are our helpers, they are the people who wait on us in restaurants, assist us in stores, sing in our choirs. The Philippines has been beset almost continuously this year by calamity after calamity – storms, floods, an earthquake and now Typhoon Haiyan. But the magnitude of the storm and the abject poverty of the provinces struck has made this far different from previous disasters. Those who did not die in the storm are now suffering hunger and thirst as well as injury and lack of shelter across a network of provinces.

Last November 8, multiple towns and cities in the Visayan region of the Philippines were struck by what has been acknowledged as the worst typhoon ever recorded. Haiyan blew through the Visayas, causing savage destruction, killing and injuring vast numbers. The final counts are not even in yet, but it’s estimated to be in the thousands in each of the provinces blighted. To make matters even worse, these provinces – Leyte and Samar – are among the poorest of the poor, and residents live hand-to-mouth on a daily basis, even in good weather. Right now, the affected areas do  not have running water, electricity or cell phone signal. Right now, those who have survived are thirsty and hungry as well as injured and homeless.

The priority is ensuring the continued survival of the survivors themselves. The most basic needs of water, food and shelter need to be met and met continuously for a good long period so the people can rebuild their lives. Your generous cash donations will help non-government, government and religious organisations deliver steady and abundant relief to all those affected.

Monsignor Philip Heng, SJ and Fr Mark James Aloysius, SJ 

invite you to a special mass this

Friday, November 15 at 8pm

at St Ignatius Church, 120 Kings Road, Singapore

for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

 A special collection will be taken up for their immediate and sustained relief. We hope you will come and worship with us, pray for the the Philippines, for their leadership, and for every single family affected by the this terrible disaster.

We encourage you to give as generously as you can.

Please pass on to your friends, other groups and organisations.

The Philippine Community in Singapore

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