“Oplan Sagip Kaibigan” – Keeping the ‘Bayanihan’ Spirit Alive


Bayanihan is the Filipino term for communal efforts in accomplishing tasks which are usually difficult when done alone. The Bayanihan Spirit is probably unique in the Filipino but it is also fast becoming an endangered species, let’s start resurrecting it to begin from the barkadahan.

Kama(November 08) Typhoon Yolanda, which weather forecasters said is the strongest storm to hit the country this year and two worst affected provinces are Leyte and Samar. Wherein Ramil Gatdula family currently resides. Thousands of typhoon survivors swarmed to leave the area and go somewhere to start a new life.

As it was bayanihan the barkadahan from Panginay community and their OFW (Overseas Friends Worker) had their share of the bayanihan thru financial support. At the same time OSK rescue team prepared the things needed for journey (food, gasoline, medicine, etc.). Everybody had a role in the bayanihan. Everybody was busy coordinating. What a way to put the bayanihan spirit to life and what a sight to behold.

Today (November 20) ‘Oplan Sagip Kaibigan’ has accomplished its mission to save one of their friend and his family (Ramil Gatdula).

Omeng Family

The spirit of communal effort to achieve a task is commonly practiced in the Philippines, hence, the term “bayanihan” has become the motivating force that entices members of the community to come forth and lend a helping hand in almost every endeavor there is to task.

By this time, OSK team had worked with every member of the group and realized how each one of them is an important component of the bayanihan system.

Kudos team OSK! Godbless you all!!!


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